it all starts with a seed

Dehydrated Fruit Snacks - All the goodness of fresh fruit without the mess. Our dehydrated fruit is 100% fruit, with nothing added. Dehydrated and vacuum sealed for long shelf life (they NEVER last long). $3 for a 1.25 or 1.5 oz. package - available at the farm or send an email.

Dog Tired Sawmill Services - With our hauling truck we can come pick up logs to help you clear downed trees. Those logs come back to the mill for custom lumber, timber framing, "Live-Edge" slabs for counters and shelving, or any custom order.

What's happening on the farm...

We are working to build our farm to be earth friendly, efficient in it's design and function, and a place where we and our family can find basic peace and comfort.  We want to protect land from being developed, and keep fields and forest for grazing and growing.

Rosie's Posies - Cut Flowers for Sale. Several beds are planted and growing and the Road-Side stand is open daily. Look for cut flowers from Early Spring and through the Fall. The pumpkin patch had a great year. For the holidays, we have centerpiece boxes made from oak barn wood from our storm damaged barn, which we are restoring.