We started planning and thinking about the farm around 2007 as our girls were finishing college and beginning their lives. We wanted some space and to be part of a community of similar minded people looking to take care of a piece of land and support each other in our efforts. A little utopian sounding, but that was the dream.

Rose started A SIGNStore, Inc. in Derwood, MD in 1986 and I was lucky enough to work with her in the business for nearly thirty years. It was good to us and allowed us to be the parents we wanted to be, part of a great community in Derwood, and make some great friends and work with some great customers and employees.

So... for the past 12 years we have been reading, practicing on a small scale and building the vision of what we wanted this farm to be. I grew up in a farming community and was able to learn a few things helping neighbors and working on other peoples farms. Rose has become an incredible gardener and is able to plan and grow anything she wanted to. Our garden in Gaithersburg was small but provided greens, beans and other food for the whole year.

It took 2 years after seeing our farm to get all the pieces to fall into place, but we were able to sell the sign business, our home in Maryland and move to our farm in October of 2019. The land and farm have a great history we are excited to learn and our neighbors have been great and welcoming. 

In 2020 we got the sawmill built and were able to do custom milling for the farm and for several customers, with everything from post and beam cuts for building; oak fence boards; cut lists for sheds, goat pens, gardens and slab cuts for mantels, shelving and custom tables.

Rose was able to plant about 15 - 4' x 20' beds for her flowers and had a good Summer and Fall season selling at the farm stand and local markets. She has 8-9 beds planted now for early Spring flowers and we plan to expand the number of beds by 10-12 beds each year over the next few years. We are blessed to have abundant blackberries on the farm and have planted more, as well as blueberries, strawberries and a nice bed of asparagus.

More to come as of today, 1/18/2021... Happy New Year!!